Do you and your associations know about the new water conservation law AB 1881 and how it will impact your projects?

Are your associations ready to deal with a 10% or greater cut in their water allocation without doing irreparable damage to their landscaping or paying a steep penalty to get the required water?

Robert Mitchell & Associates can assist with your water conservation issues.

Services include:

  • Irrigation Equipment Evaluation
  • Irrigation Equipment Recommendations
  • Controller Scheduling Based Upon Site Conditions and Historical Weather Data
  • Plant Material Water Needs Evaluation
  • Plant Material Recommendations to Bring the Project into Conformance
  • Long Term or Phased Integration of Solutions
  • Better Aesthetic Value While Saving Water and Maintenance Costs
  • Water Consumption Calculations and Goals
  • Estimates of Savings and Costs
  • Value Engineering to Maximize the Return on Invested Dollars
  • Drawings and/or Written Documents to Implement Improvements
  • Assistance in Obtaining Competitive Bids
  • Processing of Proposed Program Through Governing Agencies
  • Compliance with Governing Agencies Including Water Purveyor, Municipal and State
  • Assistance in Obtaining Agency Funds to Reimburse Improvement Costs (If Available)

If you would like assistance in understanding the new law and how it applies to your projects, let us talk with you and your associations, at no charge, so you can be prepared and ready without throwing association dollars down the drain!